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A place to swim


We are proud to offer both a hydrotherapy pool and underwater treadmill ensuring that all your dog’s hydrotherapy needs are catered for.

Indoor pool

Our indoor pool measures 5m x 3m, which is large enough for even the biggest breeds of dog. The pool is continuously heated to a temperature of a minimum 28 degrees, which is vital to ensure your dog’s muscles are able to work as efficiently as possible. The warm water relaxes them and relieves pain and stiffness.

The pool is sanitised to ensure that a wide range of potentially dangerous viruses and bacteria are destroyed. The water is tested three times a day to ensure the sanitiser is kept at a safe level and following the swim, the dog will be washed to remove any traces of chemicals from their skin and coat.

The pool has jets which can be used to provide extra resistance and turbulence, therefore providing a harder workout for the fitter animals. Jets will be used at the hydrotherapist’s discretion.


Our underwater treadmill is one of the biggest in the UK, suitable for all those large breed dogs without them feeling too confined.

The underwater treadmill is a fantastic option for dogs who have recently had surgery, suffer with neurological conditions or simply for those who are too anxious in the pool.

Get started with hydrotherapy

Come visit us!

You will find ‘The Small Animal Clinic’s’ Hydrotherapy centre within ‘Centre Paws’ in Wymondham, Norfolk.

Incorporating a dog groomer, dog agility, a dog friendly café, animal massage and even alpaca trekking, Centre Paws is the ideal place to bring your dog. We are only five minutes from the A11 and 20 minutes from Norwich, and you will find ample car parking on site.

+44 7769 784 846

The Small Animal Clinic, Wymondham NR18 0RR