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Benefits of hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy benefits

All the good stuff

Controlled swimming in a warm water pool, or treadmill work within warm water, is excellent for both the rehabilitation of dogs who are suffering from various orthopaedic, soft tissue and neurological conditions, and also for healthy dogs who want to maintain or increase their levels of fitness.

Hydrotherapy allows a dog to undertake exercise within a non/reduced weight bearing environment, meaning your dog can build strength and muscle mass whilst reducing the pressure on painful joints and muscles.

Building of muscle mass is one of the key benefits of hydrotherapy. Muscle Atrophy (loss of muscle tissue) can be caused within a week of inactivity. If your dog has had recent surgery or has had any kind of reduction in activity from and ongoing condition, a recent illness, or is just getting older, they may begin to show signs of atrophy. This can be seen as soft, weak muscles, limbs unable to support body weight, increased lethargy, crossing of legs when standing or walking, appearing less balanced and possible weight loss.

The good news is that the muscle loss can be reversed with exercise and good nutrition. Hydrotherapy is one of the best forms of treatment for atrophy due to the exercise being undertaken within warm water – at the optimum temperature to allow the muscles to work and not cause further stiffness, and also in a non/reduced weight bearing environment, allowing a reduction in the pain felt whilst exercising.

Key benefits

Reduction of oedema (swelling)Increase in muscle mass, tone and strength

Prevent secondary complications resulting from limb disuse

Increase in stride length and improved gait

Weight loss

Mental Stimulation

Improve recovery time following injury or surgery

Increase synovial joint fluid production

Increase range of movements

Increase fitness and stamina

Slow the progression of the effects of degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis

Reduction of frustration for dogs on cage rest or reduced exercise – less likely to be “uncontrollable” as on land

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